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Complete Arctic Foam Catalog 2015

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Density Blank Weights Additional Charge
Orange - 15 % none
Yellow - 5% none
Green Median Density none
Blue + 10 % add 5% to list price
Purple + 25 % add 25% to list price
Silver + 40 % add 40% to list price




Density Chart




Orange Density Foam Similar to the yellow density, orange foam was designed for the top level surfers of the World Championship Tour.  Demanding the lightest surfboard possible made out of polyurethane foam. Well, we delivered!  “Ride the Orange!” *not available in longboards or eggs

Yellow Density Foam (High Performance) Widely used for team rider’s shortboards, “Yellow” will product what might be considered the lightest urethane foam surfboard on the planet. The popularity of this foam continues to grow even though the life of the finished surfboard may be short.

Green Density Foam (Standard) This is the Median Density foam when all customers average out all blanks made by Arctic Foam for density choice. The “all time” favorite foam for shortboards. High paddling buoyancy and lively surfing response on a wave makes this foam the choice of hard core to recreational surfers.

Blue Density Foam (Classic) is considered excellent for compression strength. There are cutting edge manufacturers who make most of their shortboards from GREEN FOAM and their team rider boards from YELLOW FOAM. By comparison, more conservative manufacturers feel that dent free longboards should be made from BLUE FOAM. It is also true that these heavier foams require less glass and thus a saving is made.

Purple Density Foam The original 1960’s Malibu (longboard) foam. This foam as a blank used to be glassed with two layers of ten ounce on the deck and one layer of ten on the bottom. For weight and strength.

Silver Density Foam (Tow-Kite)



SBP, SBM, SB – Shortboard

SBF – Shortboard Fish

LB – Longboard

E -Egg

MF & F – Fish

GN – Gun

*These abbreviations will appear throughout the Arctic Foam price list.

Stringer – Arctic Foam offers a wide range of stringers. From all natural colored stringers to a variety of colored basswood plys. The reason for this is to allow each manufacturer to make their finished product look different to their competitors. Taking this step further, a manufacturer may choose to offer a wide range of stringer types to satisfy their individual customer needs. (i.e., Singles, Doubles, Triples and various T-Band combos).

Rockers – Custom rockers are welcome

Customer Generated Rocker Curve – Customer’s deck curve can also be drawn onto paper clearly making the nose starting point. Existing templates can be altered with nose and tall variations. The best way to create a custom rocker is by sending Arctic Foam a .504 or .brd file.

Glue Color – Options include: black, red, white, day glo yellow, day glo blue, day glo green, and day glo orange.

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